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Mission Statement
NewBadgePatchThe Columbia Heights Police Department is committed to active partnerships with the community in order to protect life and property, innovatively solve problems, and enhance the safety and quality of life in the communities we serve.

Core Values

  • Committed - As a group, we are committed to the honest and fair treatment of all our community members, while recognizing that each citizen has different needs and values.
  • Helpful - Employees of the CHPD will strive to meet the needs of our community and the people that we have contact with. We are mindful that we draw our authority from the public, and it is our mandate to assist others whenever possible.
  • Professional - The employees of the CHPD will hold themselves to the highest professional standards, utilizing the best practices in law enforcement to carry out our duties professionally and with integrity.
  • Dedicated - The CHPD is dedicated to excellence in its delivery of law enforcement services. We will seek opportunities to serve in a manner that exceeds expectations and adheres to the ideals of the United States Constitution and our professional Oath of Honor.

CHPD Crime Statistics for First Half of 2016
A preliminary review of crime statistics for the first half of 2016 shows a decrease in crime when compared to 2014 and 2015. Part I crimes, the more severe crimes, show that there is a 22% decrease when compared to 2015 and a 23% decrease when compared to 2014. Part 2 crimes, which are the less severe crimes, show a 7% decrease when compared to 2015 and a 9% decrease when compared to 2014. Also included in the report are citation and warning information. To review the CHPD crime statistics for the first six months, click here.

Columbia Heights Police now offering "Safe Exchange Zone"
The public is encouraged to use our designated area in the parking lot to conduct a variety of exchanges. The area is well lit, in plain sight and under 24 hour recorded surveillance. Check out our press release here.
How to Avoid Being a Craigslist Victim
The CHPD highlights various ways criminals are using Craigslist to find victims. Be informed to better protect yourself and read the article here

Snapshot of 2015 CHPD Strategic Plan
Every quarter the CHPD Strategic Planning Committee meets to grade our progress on the plan. This is a snapshot of 2015's report card. Click here.

The CHPD Cautions Residents to be Aware of Telephone Scams
This is an article that has information on specific scams resident have faced. It includes information on what to do in these situations. Find the article here.

2016 CHPD Strategic Plan
In December 2015, eighteen members of the CHPD staff to include civilians, officers and supervisors met to review the 2015 Police Department Strategic Plan, and develop the new Strategic Plan for 2016.

For more information, and a link to the Strategic Plan document, please click here.

Six Month Implementation Study of the Columbia Heights Police Department Body Worn Camera Program
The Columbia Heights Police Department (CHPD) implemented a department wide body worn camera program in February of 2015.  A six month study of the program was conducted to determine the impact the cameras have made and what improvements should be made to better utilize the technology.   The study, conducted by Sergeant Matt Markham, is now available in .pdf format at:
Six Month Implementation Study of the CHPD Body Worn Camera Program